August 28, 2005


The first person to suggest that Katrina is in any way the punishment of God gets a punch in the face.

Ditto the first person to suggest that she's the result of the Bush administration's environmental policies.

And finally, the media has successfully scared the crap out of me. If this turns out to be a fizzle, I'll never trust media scaremongering again.

Update: Other punch-worthy people:

  • Anyone who complains about the media devoting too much attention to this story and not enough to Cindy Sheehan.
  • Anyone who attributes the inevitably disproportionately black death toll to racism.
  • Anyone who blames the disaster on the people of New Orleans for not preparing adequately.
  • Anyone who files a ridiculous lawsuit for hurricane-related negligence.

8:55 PM Pacific:

Stephen Green preemptively retorts to the "wrath of God" crowd with:

Well, guess what? We will clean up, fix up, and move on. And while we'll rightfully mourn our dead, there won't be very many of them.

Then imagine how many would die if that same Act of God hit a major city on the coast of, say, Pakistan. Thousands dead? Tens of thousands? More? And after, Americans would come in to help clean up, fix up, and move on.

While I share your appreciation for the strength of the American people, Stephen, I have to disagree that "there won't be very many [dead to mourn]". In fact, I'm pretty confident that we will see thousands dead, and I think it's likelier than not that we'll see tens of thousands. Katrina looks very, very bad.

I don't believe in God either. But I'm praying anyway. I suggest you do too. It can't hurt.

9:04 PM Pacific

Jesus Christ, reportedly power may be out to much of the Gulf Coast for weeks. The power and telephone poles will be snapped like twigs. If that happens, the city will become completely uninhabitable for a long time. The rats will have a field day... or a banner year.

Katrina is looking more and more like a Sim City disaster.

9:11 PM Pacific

According to an NOAA release, the center of Hurricane Katrina is less than 160 miles from New Orleans. Michelle Malkin has a good roundup of hurricane bloggers. Reporter on Fox News is hinting that the 1 AM Eastern release from the NOAA might suggest that Katrina is weakening slightly.

9:24 PM Pacific

Americans emptied their wallets for the victims of this year's tsunami... which didn't stop some from sniffingly declaring us stingy. I wonder just how much the world will chip in to help rebuild the entire Gulf Coast?

New Orleans was founded by French fur traders, who chose the location because of its convenience as a portage between the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain and in spite of it being a low-lying, disease-ridden swamp, highly vulnerable to the violent storms to which the Gulf of Mexico occasionally gives rise. So is it okay to blame this on France?

10:20 PM Pacific

New NOAA release is out. Might be weakening. We can hope.

WizBang has an idea of what the conditions inside the Superdome will be like. Preview: not good.

Fox News reports that EMS service in New Orleans is shut down.

12:16 AM Pacific

NOAA says Katrina has been downgraded to a very strong Category 4. Sustained winds 155 MPH. Good luck, Big Easy.

Louisianans bury their dead above ground. Should the city flood, it may carry off an awful lot of coffins. So in addition to the wind damage problem, in addition to the storm surge problem, in addition to the flooding problem, New Orleans will also have to deal with the zombie problem. And Cajun zombies, not the good kind.

11:40 AM Pacific

Well, while there's plenty of damage, it looks like the predictions of utter destruction were false. Thanks, media scaremongers!

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