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November 20, 2005

Dear Rep. Murtha

Dear Representative Murtha,

The headline on the Associated Press article reads, "Insurgent ambush in Iraq leaves 24 dead." Ever notice that when you see a headline like this, it turns out that the vast majority of the dead are themselves Iraqis? This particular case is no exception; only one of the fatalities was in fact a United States soldier. 15 were innocent Iraqi civilians, and, as it turns out, the remaining 8 were terrorists... or, to use your and the Associated Press's terminology, "insurgents." It's truly a unique way of reporting a battle. If the current staff of the AP were around half a century ago, they'd probably have reported "Battle of Iwo Jima leaves 30,000 dead." One doesn't usually lump enemy casualties in with friendly and innocent casualties, which leads one to wonder whether the AP even considers the terrorists to be the enemy at all.

But never mind that. It kind of gives the lie to your claim that "our troops have become the primary target of the insurgency", doesn't it? In fact, calling the terrorists the "insurgency" begs the question. Insurgents fight against established authority, while these bastards slaughter their own people. Given that they've been killing Iraqis over Americans by a factor of several dozen to one, what is the basis for your claim that Americans are their "primary target?"

The primary strategic objective of the so-called "insurgents" is to gain control over Iraq. United States forces are quite rightly seen as a major obstacle to this goal, so their intermediate objective is to get America out of the country so they have a freer hand. Obviously the only way American troops will leave Iraq is if their civilian leadership chooses to withdraw them, so they are attempting to compel just such a political decision.

And in this, sir, your party is their ally.

In war, casualties happen. This is a blindingly obvious fact which somehow you and yours have overlooked. And the terrorists know that they can count on you to beat the Administration over the head with each and every American casualty. They know that the Democrats will expertly use every dead body to advance their shared political goals. They know that their allies in the media will exert great effort to assist. They know that the casualty ratio they suffer every time they go after American forces is completely unsustainable, but they also know that they need not suffer it for very long -- they can lose fifty to our one and it's a victory for them, because every dead American advances their goal and yours and is worth any price they pay.

So to whatever extent our troops are the target of the "insurgency", it's because you have made them so. You have taught the terrorists that it's worth their while to allow their foot soldiers to be mowed down like wheat for the chance to take out an American or two. By your words and your actions, you have put American soldiers in greater danger.


P.S. I congratulate you on your creative use of the euphemism "redeployment" instead of the much more descriptive "retreat."

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November 14, 2005

They even have the same initials


PARIS - President Jacques Chirac said Monday that more than two weeks of violence in the poor suburbs of France is the sign of a “profound malaise” and he ordered new measures to reach out to troubled youths and fight the discrimination believed to be at the root of it.

I always knew that Jacques Chirac, with his incompetent leadership and his preference for anything at all over military action, reminded me of somebody. And now I know who.

But fight the good fight, Jacques. As riotous thugs set your nation ablaze, make sure to reach out to them and give them what they want. The sky is the limit.

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Not dead yet

Been in Las Vegas for the last week. Had a blast, spent a pile, but was unable to blog. I'm back now, and will resume my regular irregular blogging schedule shortly. Stay tuned.

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