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September 05, 2005

Bring on the commission!

Item: Hillary Clinton calls for the formation of a "Katrina Commission". Other prominent people on the left will undoubtedly follow suit.

For God's sake, give them what they want! Establish an independent, bipartisan commission that closely examines in detail the failures that led to loss of life when Katrina struck. Make sure it asks how this could happen:


See that inset? Here's what it looks like up close:


Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drive through. Those there are city buses and they sit there flooded to their grilles, unable to move, unable to do anything, unable to help the tens of thousands of New Orleanians who were desperate to evacuate the city.

Meanwhile, not far away, we had this:


Plenty of school buses. Who's in charge of the city buses? Who's in charge of the schools? The city government, and especially its mayor, Ray Nagin. The lots of these decidedly unamphibious buses has been dubbed the Ray Nagin Memorial Motor Pool, although the term is inaccurate because Ray Nagin is very much alive and unfortunately still the titular mayor of the city of the dead. Were this a more just world, tar and feathers would be the least punishment he could expect, but there you are. Picture every person dead in the flood, crushed by the mob, murdered by thugs, or raped by leering brutes. Now picture every seat in every one of those buses. How many of them would have fit? How much misery would have been spared?

And now Ray Nagin accuses the federal government of lack of haste? Please, Senators, please, Representatives, bring forth the investigation, bring forth the independent commission. Let us drag the names of the truly guilty into the light.

One other official will certainly not withstand the bright light of scrutiny, and this is Police Chief Eddie Compass. Not only did his police utterly fail to keep order, they in many cases actively worked to destroy it. Unlike Daley's cops, whose job it was to preserve disorder, Nagin's and Compass's cops seemed to think their job was to create disorder. I mean that quite literally: watch this clip from MSNBC where a police officer, caught looting by the wonderful Martin Savidge of MSNBC, answers the question "What are you doing?" with "My job".

Make sure the commission sees that footage. Make sure those two officers are located and called to testify. While you're at it, call Ray Nagin and Eddie Compass, and Kathleen Blanco too. Let them all explain to the American people what they did and when, and it should be clear exactly who failed New Orleans that tragic week.

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Great find, VoR. It's easy to blame Bush for this problem. No one really wants to accept responsibility.

Posted by: Mannequin | Sep 6, 2005 3:40:05 AM

It's already been making its way around the blog pundits for a few days. I saw it on Confederate Yankee.

Posted by: Kade | Sep 6, 2005 10:24:37 AM

Here is a collection of aerial images of the abandoned vehicles on a map of the City of New Orleans.

Evacuate the City

Posted by: Where's The Beef? | Sep 19, 2005 11:14:54 PM

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