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August 27, 2005

A question for the blue ribbon crowd

That's "blue ribbon" as opposed to "orange ribbon", of course. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here. Actually, click there anyway. It's an Associated Press report via the Tampa Bay Tribune. We'll get back to it later.

Here's what I have to say to and ask the blues. Now that you've succeeded, now that you've removed people from homes they've lived in since they were born, now that the Israeli Army is completely out of Gaza, do you realize what's left behind? Do you know who will be running what will pass for the government of the Gaza Strip? Here's a hint: they won't pay much attention to the so-called Palestinian so-called Authority and its so-called President, Mahmoud Abbas. Starts with an H. Ends with an S. Recognized as a terrorist organization all over the world. Very, very popular in Gaza.

Congratulations, blues. You've just created a brand-new terrorist state.

You know, I wonder how many of the Western lefties who mindlessly chant "Israel Out of Palestine" give any thought to who will rule in Israel's absence. I wonder how many of them blast the Bush administration for allegedly not giving enough thought to postwar Iraq. I wonder how many of them don't care about Hamas because Hamas only kills Jews. I wonder how many of them actually support Hamas.

Now, that Associated Press article. Let's quote a little bit of it.

On the orange side are Jewish settlers and their supporters. On the blue side are peace activists.

I just love how the blues are described as "peace activists". As if the oranges don't want peace. As if any human being doesn't want peace. Thanks for the kind of unbiased "news" reporting we've come to expect, AP. ("Scare Quotes"TM are a registered trademark of Reuters.)

One final question for the blues. When satellite intelligence shows massive terrorist training camps in Gaza, when the new Hamas government starts claiming responsibility for the blowing to bits of teenaged Israeli girls who made the mistake of going to the record store... what then?

Postscript: There actually have been very few attacks lately from Gaza, thanks to the presence of a security fence -- er, I mean, crime against humanity.

Update: So much for the postscript. Captain Ed notes a suicide bombing in Israel near Gaza. This must be that "peace" we've heard so much about.

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