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March 14, 2005

What if Bush was right?

By Dawn's Early Light has a nice roundup of articles that have been popping up lately, asking the question, "Could Bush have been right?" These are written by longtime naysayers who are somewhat disquieted by the signs of democracy starting to flower in the Middle East, who have the integrity to ask themselves about the possibility that they were wrong all along and in fact President Bush has embarked the United States on a policy which will lead to freedom and hope in a region that has been tragically lacking in both.

I say to these authors: good for you. But now try taking it a step further. And I'll ask this of all Bush's critics, not just those who are beginning to question the validity of their criticism. Suppose, for the sake of argument, that we are engaged in a historic noble pursuit, and we will make the world a much, much better place. What does that make you? You, who not only criticized Bush, but who went out of your way to actively thwart him? You, who wrote your nasty articles, who organized your smelly marchers, who compared the President to Hitler and found him worse? You, who spewed your hate and your vitriol and who fought tooth and nail every step of the way? You, who made your disgusting movies exploiting wounded servicemen without their consent or knowledge? You, who stood on American cadavers as if they were soapboxes and perverted academic research to deceive others into buying your cause? If all of your actions were standing in the way and attempting to derail one of the greatest undertakings Americans have ever been called to, how do you feel about yourself? Do you ever consider the terrible, terrible possibility that you might have succeeded? What do you see when you look in the mirror?

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"who organized your smelly marchers"

Haha. Perhaps you think Right Guard brand deodorant is the solution?

Posted by: ShadowHawk | Mar 14, 2005 7:48:30 PM

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