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March 01, 2005


Today we revisit our friends at Democratic Underground, who are furiously masturbating in anticipatory glee over the 1,500th U.S. military fatality in Iraq.


Here, for example, we have a thread titled "Sometime today we will reach 1,500 Americans killed in Iraq." How does the poster know? Does he have a crystal ball? Is he in touch with the insurgency? Or is he drawing an unwarranted inference? Then we have this thread, titled "1,499." You can almost taste the poster's disappointment that the magic number hadn't yet been reached. One gets the sense that they have fireworks on standby, and a giant banner ready to unfurl, like a supermarket congratulating its millionth customer. Whoever the unfortunate casualty will be isn't even dead, and already they're waving his body bag like a flag. I don't know who will be the 1,500th fatality, but I'd be willing to bet that if you asked him today, he'd express horror at the knowledge that his death will be shamelessly exploited by these people.

If any of you happen to be reading this, pay very close attention to this. 1,500 deaths is tragic. A single death, in fact, would be tragic. It is terribly sad that so many brave young men and women have had to pay the ultimate price. But what I want you to do is, for the sake of argument, assume that we will achieve our goals. Assume that we will depose Saddam and supervise democratic elections. Assume, again just for the sake of argument, that Iraq becomes a flourishing, free ally. Is 1,500 deaths worth it? Let's try to look at that figure in perspective.

In 1415, some 8,500 men died in the Battle of Agincourt. In 1945, 7,000 Americans died just to take the island of Iwo Jima. Approximately 360 times more Americans died in the Civil War than have died in Iraq. 1,500 is the number of Americans who die of motor vehicle accidents every ten days. 1,500 Americans die from smoking every thirty hours.

Every single American casualty in Iraq is a tragedy, and we do all we can to avoid them. But historically speaking, this has been one of the least costly wars ever. If we succeed, I have no doubt that history will judge the success to have been worth the cost. Those who whine about this blessedly low casualty rate would undoubtedly whine just as loudly had the number of fatalities been a tenth as high. They are not opposed to the casualty rate, they are opposed to the war. Which is of course their right and is an arguable position... but they're abusing American war dead to make their point. They are shameless, but shame on them.

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Now that is the truth! This week the world has seen Syria hand over Saddams brother, Also, Syria said IF they pull out of Lebanon the pullout will take about one month. Egypt has said it will have better democratic elections. North Korea is talking again. These things would not be happening if the U.S. never took action.

Sometimes a persons life is given for a higher purpose. These lives were given for a global cause. Sometimes the truth is painful. This is a sad but honest truth.

Posted by: bryan | Mar 1, 2005 9:47:18 PM

As always, well done. Good to have you back!

Posted by: warn3rboy | Mar 2, 2005 1:36:25 PM

Thanks, good to be back. With the election over I'm finding myself with less to say, but I'll still try to stay active here.

By the way, this was my 100th blog post. Woo hoo!

Posted by: Voice of Reason | Mar 2, 2005 2:22:38 PM

I don't understand the point of acting incensed over ridiculous posts on DU. They don't represent the mainstream of progressive thinking any more than the mouthbreathers at Free Republic represent conservatism.

Do you really feel the need to spend your time (and ours as readers) attacking such an easy target? Continuing this tactic makes you seem less like the Voice of Reason and more like the countless partisan shill bloggers out there. Politicalities needs an infusion of class. Stat.

Posted by: Hobospider | Mar 3, 2005 1:22:39 PM

A point well taken, hobospider, but in this case I do not think that the DUers are outside the mainstream of so-called "progressive" thinking. Trumpeting the number of war dead as though it somehow invalidates the war is a tactic hardly restricted to the left of the left. Respected Democratic thinkers are guilty of the same thing.

Can I blast Ted Kennedy, or is he unrepresentative of the mainstream too?

Posted by: Voice of Reason | Mar 4, 2005 8:50:24 AM

It's ok for 1500 american soldiers to be killed at the whim of one man, the president of the United States, but a woman has no say over a fetus growing in her body?
You're an idiot.

Posted by: Libertarian pig | Mar 4, 2005 7:26:48 PM

Volunteer Military, Piggy.

Posted by: Kade | Mar 5, 2005 11:52:10 AM

Pig, I commend you for your abortion euphemism. Beyond that, you don't say anything worthwhile.

Posted by: Mark | Mar 5, 2005 2:05:31 PM

VoR, I wasn't disagreeing with your position, only your choice of targets. If this was the first time you felt the need to respond to some randum DU post on your blog I wouldn't feel you were deliberately scouring that site for easy material.

To summarize: you are intelligent and well spoken. why not go after people more worthy of your efforts?

Posted by: Hobospider | Mar 5, 2005 5:54:47 PM

Edit: God, did I really just type "randum"? I need coffee.

Posted by: Hobospider | Mar 5, 2005 5:57:15 PM

Hey miss piggy, you really have a good point there...

if those soldiers were drafted...

they weren't...

GG next map plz

Posted by: warn3rboy | Mar 6, 2005 1:42:15 AM

Hobospider, I often engage in hard-hitting debate with worthy opponents. But I do enjoy the occasional turkey shoot. It's one of my guilty pleasures, and as far as vices go, it's relatively harmless.

And again, in this case I don't think the DU poster is unrepresentative of the mainstream anti-war left. It's not only the crazies who are wailing and gnashing their teeth over the body count.

Posted by: Voice of Reason | Mar 6, 2005 9:40:15 AM

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