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November 29, 2004

Election fraud proven!

The liberal sites are a-buzzin' with conclusive proof that the election in Ohio was stolen from John Kerry by George W. Bush. The evidence? The fact that C. Ellen Connally, the Democratic candidate for Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court, did better than John Kerry in certain counties.

This thread at Democratic Underground spells it all out, linking to the brave and intrepid reporter at FreePress.org who uncovered the fraud. Jesse Jackson has gotten into the act, saying that the situation does not "pass the smell test". Cliff Arneback, an attorney who is filing a legal challenge to the Ohio results, said "It's simply not credible that a vastly underfunded African-American female candidate at the bottom of the ticket could outpoll John Kerry in Butler County", and has also been quoted as saying that the "only possible explanation" is that votes were shifted from Kerry to Bush. Reportedly, Connally received over 257,000 more votes than Kerry.

This poster at DU sums it up nicely (emphasis added):

4 Counties in southern Ohio had big discrepancies between votes cast for Dem Prez (Kerry) and Dem Supreme Court (Connally)
Butler County: Connally got 45,457 more votes than Kerry
Clermont County: Connolly got 22,998 more votes than Kerry
Warren County: Connally got 24,785 more votes for Kerry
Hamilton County: Connally got 16,289 more votes for Kerry


Pls distribute this info!!! More to come....

Suspicious, very suspicious.

There's a slight problem, though. According to the Columbus Dispatch, John Kerry received 2,659,664 votes, while Connally received only 2,017,602. Far from a 257,000+ margin for Connally, this is actually a 642,062 margin for Kerry. So what gives?

Well, if you read deeper into the damning FreePress.org article, we find that they're actually referring to Connally's margin over her opponent, incumbent Justice Thomas Moyer, versus Kerry's margin over his. They're saying that ( Connally - Moyer ) - ( Kerry - Bush ) is 257,000+. Fair enough.

But there's still a problem. By the Dispatch's count, Kerry lost to Bush by 136,483 votes, while Connally lost to Moyer by 291,505, leaving Kerry with a margin of 155,022 votes. (Note that all these figures are preliminary, and the final tally including absentees and valid provisional ballots will alter them slightly.) So now what gives?

Well, it turns out that ace investigative reporter Bob Fitrakis of FreePress.org picked 37 of Ohio's 88 counties in which Connally's margin exceeded Kerry's, and summed the totals to get his figure of 257,546. Seems to me that this means that in 51 of Ohio's 88 counties, Kerry outperformed Connally by 412,568, but okay. If Fitrakis and Arneback claim that this constitutes incontrovertible proof, for which there is no other possible explanation but fraud, who am I to argue?

In the interest of promoting fair elections, I decided to apply Fitrakis's and Arneback's proven method to my own home state of Washington, and the results I found are truly shocking.

I compared Bush's performance vis a vis Kerry with the performance of Republican candidate for Attorney General Rob McKenna. McKenna's opponent was liberal hero Deborah Senn, who as the state's Insurance Commissioner took on the evil big insurance companies and brought them to their knees. Certainly no Kerry voters would have pulled the lever for conservative (and miserable bastard) Rob McKenna, right?

Let's start with the DU post, in which poster "mod mom" found a "HUGE OH 4 county discrep betw Kerry + Connally". Believe it or not, I found the same thing in Washington!

King County (Seattle): McKenna got 82,364 more votes than Bush.
Snohomish County (Seattle northern suburbs): McKenna got 18,529 more votes than Bush.
Pierce County (Tacoma): McKenna got 10,987 more votes than Bush.
Thurston County (Olympia): McKenna got 10,164 more votes than Bush.

Truly astonishing. Lest you doubt that these are, in fact, liberal counties, note that while Kerry carried Washington State by 205,307 votes, he carried these four counties by a combined 323,592 votes.

But does that really prove anything? Well, maybe not. Let's look at the all-important margin... that is, ( McKenna - Senn ) - ( Bush - Kerry ). Here's where we might find our smoking gun.

Fitrakis examined 37 of 88 counties, or 42%. I decided to go him a little better and examine 29 of Washington's 39 counties, fully 74%. The numbers, I think, speak for themselves.

County Margin
Benton 1948
Chelan 1406
Clallam 2561
Clark 11390
Cowlitz 1413
Douglas 103
Grays Harbor 3381
Island 4265
Jefferson 3025
King 240889
Kitsap 17699
Kittitas 1520
Klickitat 54
Lewis 599
Mason 4046
Okanogan 151
Pacific 636
Pierce 42515
San Juan 2021
Skagit 6276
Snohomish 56575
Spokane 16434
Stevens 114
Thurston 29763
Wahkiakum 35
Walla Walla 507
Whatcom 13134
Whitman 1562
Yakima 4953
Total 468975

Clearly, John Kerry stole Washington!! There's no way that George W. Bush's margin was legitimately 468,975 votes less than Rob McKenna's. Votes must have been shifted from Bush to Kerry. I call on Jesse Jackson to travel here and demand a full manual recount. I call on Cliff Arneback to file suit seeking to overturn the election results. I call on Bob Fitrakis to write a story exposing this obvious fraud. There is no possible other explanation.

Well... maybe there is. Maybe voters split their tickets sometimes. Maybe some people who voted for John Kerry also voted for the conservative Republican white male Rob McKenna. And also, maybe some Ohioans who voted for George W. Bush also voted for the Democratic black female C. Ellen Connally. I admit that this scenario is a bit more farfetched than the idea that a massive conspiracy stole Ohio for Bush and Washington for Kerry, but it behooves us to consider it. Just in case.

UPDATE: It turns out that "mod mom"'s figures were wrong. Actually, Connally got only 5,347 votes more than Kerry in Butler County, 4,146 in Clermont, and 2,143 in Warren. All three are dwarfed by Hamilton County, in which Kerry actually got 31,030 more votes than Connally. The figures "mod mom" used are the margin. Applying that to my own investigations into the obvious fraud in Washington, we get:

Thurston County: McKenna's margin exceeded Bush's by 29,763
Pierce County: McKenna's margin exceeded Bush's by 42,515
Snohomish County: McKenna's margin exceeded Bush's by 56,575

And the topper:

King County: McKenna's margin exceeded Bush's by a whopping 240,889.

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But you're applying reason, logic and facts to the situation. Why do that when there are speculation, surmise and wild-eyed theories to promulgate? The latter are a lot more fun and malleable to DemonRAT theories so they MUST be right. Right?

Posted by: Zonie | Dec 4, 2004 3:33:28 AM

I am from Washington state, and while we tend to favor Democrats, President Bush was obviously much less popular than other republican candidates. Wasn't that the case everywhere?

Posted by: Ron | Feb 22, 2005 8:39:06 PM

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