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September 03, 2004

Choice quotes from the Midnight Meltdown

Here are a few things that Kerry said at his rally last night that I found rather incomprehensible. I know we have some Kerry supporters who read this blog; would any of you care to interpret for me?

Letting the Saudi royal family control the price of oil for Americans makes you unfit to lead this country.

So Kerry will somehow break the OPEC cartel? Or does he mean that he will increase American exploration and production of petroleum? He can't mean the latter, because later in the speech he goes on to bemoan that "God only gave us" 3% of the world's oil reserves.

Handing out billions of dollars in contracts without a bid to Halliburton while you're still on the payroll makes you unfit to lead this country.

To whom is he referring? Is he ignorant of the fact that Dick Cheney is not on Halliburton's payroll, or is he being deliberately misleading?

Now, here's something that's so muddled, I just can't figure it out. I'm including an audio clip so you can see I'm not making this up:

I'll tell you this. When I'm President of the United States, that tax code that belongs to you that's 17,000 pages long today and you don't have a page of it, we're gonna put that back in the scrutiny of all Americans and we are gonna make America's workplace fair again so it works for the average American, and George Bush talked about health care four years ago.

He starts off by talking about the tax code, which "belongs" to us, but we don't actually have any of it, and we're going to scrutinize it -- because if there's one thing we haven't scrutinized and talked about, it's the tax code. Then he somehow gets into workplace fairness and how the workplace, uh, doesn't work, before veering off into health care. Help!

We're gonna provide health care to all Americans ... It's not a privilege in America. It's a right. And when John Edwards and I are there, we'll make it a right that's available to every single American.

Okay, this one isn't so hard to understand. It's just frightening. John Kerry came out last night wholly behind socialized medicine; why is this not getting more attention?

Finally, one more picture. Someone needs to tell Kerry that he looks really stupid when he tries to salute.

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That quote is unbelievable. What happened? Did something go wrong with the teleprompter?


Posted by: William | Sep 8, 2004 12:43:21 AM

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