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September 14, 2004

Beldar kicks butt

Beldar opens one big can of whoop-ass against CBS and Rather. He recommends a rather radical course of action, but one I can't bring myself to disagree with.

Beldar, like Captain Ed and others, is reacting to the revelation on ABC that CBS consulted experts who expressed grave doubts about the authenticity of the forged memos, but chose to ignore their advice. If this is true, CBS is not a dupe, it is a co-conspirator. It is difficult to imagine a punishment severe enough to fit this crime.

Update: I still don't get it. CBS had to know that they'd be discovered. Emily Will, according to ABC, told them that they'd be discovered. Why was this done? It makes no sense.

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Co-conspirator? No.

I think the proper term is "accessory after the fact".

Posted by: Tom | Sep 15, 2004 2:44:47 AM

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